• J. Scott Cellars (map)
  • 520 Commercial St., Unit G
  • Eugene
  • United States

Have you ever heard someone use a phrase like “oaky”, “tannins”, “acidic” or “vegetal” and had no idea what they were talking about? DON’T WORRY, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Join us for a not-so-serious wine tasting event with J. Scott Cellar’s very own amateur wine enthusiast and professional wine admirer, Eric Braman. Eric loves to break down barriers for those new to wine tasting, still growing in their understanding of wine knowledge and who are newly finding appreciation for one of the world’s oldest beverages. In this event, Eric will guide attendees through the steps of wine tasting, provide sexy catch phrases to sound cool while tasting and lead a series of fun and silly games to keep the air from getting too stuffy. Eric loves raffles, so get ready for prizes paired with your wine! Spit out your gum, grab a friend and get ready for a great time in good company!

Small fee TBA will cover the class and wine tasting.